3D Printing: New Disruptive Fabrication Technologies for a Novel Design Approach

Rapid production, in all its different forms, has been moving steadily toward a mainstream manufacturing technique. It’s a disruptive methodology that has the potential to affect a range of industries, introducing and extending the limitations of the actual Design and Production Paradigm. In addition, it can easily produce customized and personalized objects, starting from any type of digital model, and especially objects that were previously mere design concepts.

Some manufacturing technologies and tools that were only used in pre-production or prototyping for a long time have become ‘state-of the-art’ for mass production. 3D Printing is one such  technology. At Lumenworkx, we strongly believe that it can be a potential risk for businesses in traditional luminaire manufacturing if they don’t adapt in a timely manner.

In the recent article, various lighting specialists in the field explain what state-of-the-art really is, what is possible, where the current limitations are, and what the future prospects hold.
You can read a copy online, or just refer to the formal LED professional website.

Source: LED professional