Hikari SQ by Lightly Technologies: The LED Light Source for Ultra-thin Lighting Design

Hikari SQ is an ultra-thin LED light source module developed for luminaire manufacturers and lighting designers to create exceptional experiences with light. Inspired by advanced smartphone displays, Lightly offers the latest generation ultra-thin LED light source technology. The planar lighting concept is a versatile ‘build block for architectural and decorative lighting solutions and luminaire designs.

Hikari SQ – Design-in-Ready Light Module

Hikari SQ is the first commercial product built on the Hikari Technology Platform. It is a design-in-ready module for decorative and architectural lighting designs. The surface area measures 100 x 100mm, the light tile has a depth of just 3.2mm and the high performance of 450lm with a CRI 93 light output. The product is available in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.

Image of Hikari SQ panel by Lightly Technologies showing various color temperatures (CCT)

The Hikari SQ modules are available in different color temperatures ranging from 2,700-4,000K

Hikari SQ is an advanced, miniaturized form of edge-lighting technology. It uses a light guide plate and a unique combination of optical films to maximize light output and uniformity as well as controlling the beam angle. It out-performs existing ultra-thin lighting technology across every metric.

Features & Benefits

• Uniform surface of glare-free light
• Low power consumption
• Dimmable
• Compatible with standard LED drivers
• No additional heat sink or optics required
• High performance, high efficiency


The geometric form factor, lightweight and high-performance of Hikari SQ enables maximum design creativity while maintaining high levels of functionality. Whether it’s used in a statement chandelier, an elegant pendant or a minimalist task light, Hikari SQ delivers effective lighting and luminaires, more than just beautiful designs.

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Hikari SQ is a highly versatile lighting component for architectural and decorative lighting projects and luminaire designs. Below, you can find some impressive project examples and uses of Lighty Technology.  Should you require engineering support to help bring your ideas to life, please drop us a note and we would be more than happy to help!

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